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Weezer - Homecoming (Full Album w/Download)

Weezer - Homecoming (Full Album w/Download)

Uploader: JEXNO

Size: 50.47 MB

Duration: 36:45

Date: February 02, 2018

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In another universe far far away after releasing maladroit, Instead of releasing Make Believe as the follow up they released Homecoming in 2004.
I came across this collection of tracks from-
(Link )
And I absolutely loved it so I downloaded the mp3 and spent my morning cutting it up into it's track listing format
The Cover I got here was just a Weezer live cover from awhile back in another country, I wanted to find a cover that could substitute for a real weezer cover that not a lot of people have seen.

(DISCLAIMER: Its not my intention to take anyones views or subscribers I just wanted to make this into something fans can download with the cover art and all that jazz attached)

Track Listing:
1. Mo Beats (00:00)
2. Living Without You (03:10)
3. Private Message (05:44)
4. Untenable (08:27)
5. We Go Together (10:04)
6. 367 (12:13)
7. Prodigy Lover (16:01)
8. She Who Is Militant (19:07)
9. Mansion of Cardboard (22:02)
10. Everybody Wants A Chance To Be All Alone (25:33)
11. The Organ Player (29:32)
12. Queen of Earth (32:57)

Download Link:

(PLEASE if you have any trouble with the download let me know, I've been searching all morning for a file to link website thing that Isn't a free trial cause I'm fifteen and I don't have that kinda spare income)

Also again I wanted to address the fact that the original uploader was the one who put the original track listing together, I don't think he meant to but this is one of the best experiences with a weezer album by far and its great to hear weezer put together genuinely great music even if it is just b-sides
yeah please go to his channel or something so I don't feel bad

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